Avoiding Orphan (Ghost) Links - links that reappear after deletion

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2018 02:03PM PDT
Some users have reported that they get "ghost links" on their diagrams: They delete a link from the diagram (either directly or by removing an object that has links) and then later the link has returned. The link has been deleted from the repository correctly –the Information Requirement or Authority Requirement it represents has been removed – but a ghost link can reappear on the diagram.

To prevent ghost links, avoid immediately switching to another tab after deleting a link or an object that has links. If you delete a link or an object with links and then change to another tab or open an object for editing, when you return to the diagram you may find ghost links. The best approach is delete the links or nodes that you want to delete and then save and close the diagram before doing anything else. You can then reopen the diagram, move to other tabs, open objects for editing etc.  Note that you will need to close and reopen the diagram, not simply save it.

If ghost links do appear in your diagram, they can generally be deleted:
  • Close the diagram and reopen it
  • Click on the arrow of each ghost link and hit the delete key
  • Delete all the ghost links one at a time and then save and close the diagram
  • Remember not to take the focus away from the diagram while you are doing this
Very occasionally the ghost links simply cannot be deleted, even if the diagram is closed and reopened. In these circumstances create a new diagram.
  • Take a screen shot of the old diagram for reference
  • Use the button bar to create a new Decision Requirements Diagram
  • Use the search to find the objects that were on the old diagram.
  • Drag each of the Decisions, Input Data and Knowledge Sources that were on the old diagram onto the new one.
  • As they are added to the new diagram, the links between them will automatically be created.
  • Once you have a new diagram that is correct you can delete the old one by searching for it and then clicking Delete in the search list.
Because the diagram automatically adds links as objects are added to it this can be a surprisingly quick way to rebuild a diagram.

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