Associating Objectives and Decisions

1. Create the Objective
Objectives are created from the home page by clicking on the New Objective icon. 
This opens the edit tab. Here you can fill out the objective name, description and other details.
(Objectives and other objects can also be added via bulk create, if so skip to step #2.)
Save the objective .

2. Associate the Decision

Make sure the objective tab is still open, or open it.

Click in the Search field on the right and type the name of the decision and hit enter. You can also search using tags

Click on the decision and drag it into the Decision field under the Decision Impact section*.

If you need to delete a decision click on the small x on the right.

3. Alternatively Associate the Objective

Alternatively you can open the decision and follow the same steps.
Type in the objective name in the Search field on the right.
Select the Objective and drag it into the Objectives box.

4. Other Objects like Processes, Events, Systems and Organizations

Use these same steps to associate other objects like Processes, Events, Systems and Organizations to Decisions.

5. See Screen Shots, below.

1. Create Objective

2. Search for Decision

3. Select Decision and Drag into Decision Impact Section, Decision field*.

If the decision doesn't attach to the field, click on the Decision or Impact Header above the field to clear or create a new line.