Microsoft Silverlight Installation Instructions for IE v11

Instructions from Microsoft for installing Silverlight for IE v11. - February 2018

 Please find below the steps to Enable Silverlight in IE v11.

  1. Check if Silverlight application is installed or not.
    To verify this, check in Add or Remove programs (appwiz.cpl) and check if Microsoft Silverlight is installed in the machine.
    If Silverlight is not installed, install the latest version from : and click on Install for Windows.

  2. If Silverlight is already installed, go to Internet Explorer, click the Gear (Settings) icon, and select Manage add-ons.

    In All add-ons list, check if Microsoft Silverlight is present and is enabled. If is it present but not enabled, enable it.

  3. To verify if Silverlight application is working correctly in Internet Explorer, go to the site:
    If Silverlight application is working correctly, bubbles will be moving in the frame. Otherwise, you'll see a frame which shows Get Silverlight.

  4. If Silverlight is installed and is not loading the content, it is possible that the Silverlight version might be corrupt and requires a clean installation.

  5. To perform a clean un-installation, use the following article :

Download the Fixit For Me to completely uninstall Silverlight and install it from

An installed version is available for download. See DecisionsFirst Modeler Downloadable Application for more information.