Tips: Bulk Upload Files


Hi, thanks for the great tutorials. I have a question regarding the bulk upload feature. I noticed that csv files were uploaded using the bulk upload feature. Are there sample documents available to show what data might be included in files created for bulk upload? I'm assuming database exports would be one type of data.

What type of data and how much data would be uploaded for decisions and authority sources? Is there a maximum amount of data for each one?

Solution from Support:

hanks for the question. Bulk upload is designed to let you quickly create objects like organizations, processes, input data or knowledge sources by loading a list created as a CSV file. Each can have a name, description and (optionally) a URL. This lets you take things like a list of entities in an enterprise information model or a list of policy documents and creating the equivalent modeling objects. It does not allow you to load up example data, decision outcomes or other database exports. You could consider pointing a URL at reports or dashboards on your intranet to allow such data to be associated with the objects you create - a decision could have a URL to a report about its historical performance for instance.

See this article for more details: Bulk Creates