UCI Students

Information for students of the UCI class: Defining Business Goals for Predictive Analytics

Required course in the Predictive Analytics Certificate Program

Be sure to access your account via a  supported browser with an up-to-date Silverlight plug-in.

An installed version is now available for download. See DecisionsFirst Modeler Downloadable Application for more information.

1. Shared Class Account

  • You have been setup with a shared account for the class by your instructor.
  • Rename decisions and objects you make or upload with your initials. It is a shared database with your class and it will be easier to find your work. You can also use a tag in the description.
  • Close tabs in a reasonable manner as you work. This is a shared class database and a very large number of open tabs can cause issues.
  • Ignore any reference the Admin panel and the API key in the tutorial, this is for the lead user (your instructor or TA). An API Key has been generated for you.  

2. Printing and Word, Reader

The Print All function generates a Word .xml file. (Word online does not read .xml files.) Read more in the support article on Using Word

You can also view your decision model and decision details using the Reader on any HTML5 device. This is view only. You can print to PDF from the viewer.

3. Decision Modeling White Papers

All the Decision Management Solutions white papers (Decision Modeling, Framing Analytics, etc) are posted to your UMUC class. You do not need to register to download for each one. If you don't find them please contact your instructor. You are welcome to download any white paper or other material from the website, this is only intended to save you time. 

4. Support

Our support hours are 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Pacific business days. Please plan ahead for assignments. Support is not available on weekends without prior arrangement. Please contact us at support@decisionsfirst.com .