Deleting Links

A diagram is opened or refreshed and links display that have been deleted or links display where the object at one or both ends of the link have been deleted.

The problem is caused by a bug in the diagram editor. If you delete links or nodes in a diagram and then change the focus away from the diagram (by clicking on another tab or opening one of the objects on the diagram), the deleted links reappear in the diagram.

To prevent the problem, delete nodes and links from your diagrams and then save and close them before making other changes to your models.

If you have a diagram with the problem

  1. Select the arrow or the dot of one of the incorrectly displayed links and use the delete key to delete.
  2. If this works, repeat for all the links and then save and close the diagram before doing anything else.
  3. If the links don't delete, close the diagram and re-open it. 
  4. Then select the links by clicking on the arrow or the dot and delete the links. Save and close the diagram before doing anything else.

Even if the links display in the diagram they have been correctly removed from the database. The visual artifacts do not affect the underlying data in your database.

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