Welcome to DecisionsFirst Modeler! This tutorial covers every step in creating a first decision requirements model – from decisions to objectives, application context to decision requirements diagrams. (A video of a Tutorial Walk Through is available at the end of this article.)

At the end of the tutorial, you will have built the two simple decision models (Marketing Decisions and Support Decisions) shown below BigCo, documenting the decision requirements for their marketing project. The goal is for you to see how to use DecisionsFirst Modeler and to become familiar with the scope of objects you can manage. The real power of DecisionsFirst Modeler comes as we connect these objects into a model of our decision making.

The Tutorial will also show you how to use the home page and search engine, change your account settings and more. Each step is linked below. You are advised to follow these in order so that objects you need to reference in later steps will have been created in earlier steps but you can jump around if you like – you may just be told to link to objects that don’t exist in your database.

The scenario for the tutorial is the support and service group within BigCo, a high tech products and services company. BigCo is looking to improve the marketing it does in its support and service channels with a view to improving profitability and retaining more customers. In particular it is looking to select the most appropriate marketing offer for each customer and promote that offer to that customer no matter what channel the customer is using to interact with BigCo.

These are the tutorials to follow to build these decision models:

In addition to this free tutorial and videos, we also offer cost effective starter services.

Watch a video walk through of the tutorial:

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