11 - Creating Systems

All organizations have existing information systems. These systems run their website, support their staff, handle stock, orders, billing and more. While DecisionsFirst does not model these systems in detail, it does allow you to document them so you can cross-reference your decisions, showing which decisions must be made in the context of which systems. For BigCo relevant systems include CRM Application, Website, Billing System and Support Web Portal. Let’s go ahead and create these four systems using this bulk create file(Click on this link for a short video demonstration of creating systems and other Business Context objects.)

To create a system manually you can check out the guidance here  or just log in and use the New System button  on the home page.

CRM ApplicationThe core system used in the call center #tutorial
WebsiteThe main company website #tutorial
Billing SystemThe legacy billing system for products and services #tutorial
Support Web PortalThe registered customer only portal for support issues #support #tutorial

Once you have all four created, return to the home page and use the recent activity list to open the CRM Application system. Use the search to find decisions including the word “offer” and associate this system with the “Select Marketing Offer” decision to show that it must be possible to deliver the selected offer through the CRM application. Save and close. Repeat this process to similarly link the Website and the Support Web Portal to the Select Marketing Offer decision to show that all these channels will need to support the decision. 

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