13 - Reporting

You have access to a reporting API for DecisionsFirst Modeler. This allows all the content in the DecisionsFirst repository to be accessed using a REST API so that it can be integrated into reports and other documents related to requirements for instance.

You also have access to a responsive HTML application, DecisionsFirst Modeler Reader, that uses this API to display the information as HTML in a mobile-friendly and responsive way.

The administrator of an account can create the API key needed on the Admin panel - if you are a lead user in your account you will see the Admin menu in the menu bar. If you don't see it, you will need to contact one of your account administrators.

Once an API Key has been generated, the DecisionsFirst Modeler Reader is accessible at the following URL: http://decisionsfirst.com/reader/#/home/<api key>

In the next tutorial we will revisit editing objects and focus on managing associations and comments.

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