6 - Print to PDF to Document Models

Any object in DecisionsFirst Modeler can be used as the basis for a PDF document (or a printed document). Anywhere you see the Print button in the hamburger menu, you can generate a PDF document for the object or diagram being displayed. Print generates information for all related objects also. 

On the Marketing Decisions Diagram, click on the Print button from the hamburger menu. The new Print tab will be open. Now click on the Print button at the top right and select a file location in the usual pop-up window.  

Go to the file location and open the .pdf file.

Also you can include the related objects to document models. Select the Included Related Objects before the Print button, you may find more information all in one page. Repeat the print steps and save the .pdf file.

Next we will learn how to use the home page and search engine.

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