9 - Creating Processes

Many, perhaps even most, decisions are made in the context of business processes. While DecisionsFirst does not model business processes in detail, it does allow you to document your business processes so you can cross-reference your decisions. For BigCo relevant processes include Process Order, Handle Support Issue, Process Return and Handle Billing Inquiry. Let’s go ahead and create these four processes. (Click on this link for a short video demonstration of creating processes and other Business Context objects.)

To create a process you can check out the guidance here or just use the Process button on the Create menu.

To create the first Business Process, enter the name “Process Order” and the description “Receive and process an order for a new product or service. #tutorial" then select Add Process.

Repeat this three times to create the other processes:

Handle Support IssueDocument, investigate and resolve a support issue #support #tutorial
Process ReturnAccept a return, match it to an order and handle re-stocking #support #tutorial
Handle Billing InquiryDeal with a billing inquiry received through any channel #support #tutorial

TIP: Because decisions are really important to processes it is worth checking your decision list again once you have a set of processes. Are there decisions you should add to your list because they are required to support your business processes?

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