DecisionsFirst Modeler Tip #1 - Bulk Create

Tip #1 Bulk Create
DecisionsFirst Modeler has a feature that allows you to bulk create decisions, input data and knowledge sources and other objects.  You can use this feature in lots of ways. For example:

  • Create an input data for each logical business entity in your information model
  • Load in the organizations that matter to the decision-making you are focused on
  • Create a set of knowledge sources to match the policy and regulatory documents that affect your business
  • Create the business processes you already know about in your business domain
  • Bring in the KPIs and project objectives you care about so you can map decisions to them
  • Create a decision for each rule set, decision table, decision tree or rule flow in your current BRMS implementation.
  • Specify a URL that users can use to get additional information.

And much more. Experience shows that having a rich set of objects when you start building diagrams makes it easier to make rapid progress.

If you are the main user on the account, you will need to generate an API key to activate import and export functions like Print, Word and Bulk Create. Go to the Admin page and select "API Key" on the left side menu. This will take you to the API Key section of the Admin page. 

If you do not have the Admin panel, then you are not the main user and the key has been generated for you and you can use the Print, Word and Bulk Create functions directly.

To use bulk create, simply create a Comma Separated Value or CSV file with objects and load them up. The easiest way to start is Microsoft Excel. Here is the link to the CSV files that contain all the objects referenced in the tutorial (scroll down to Attachments).  

At the top left of the software screen, click on Bulk Create to upload the file. When the Bulk Create completes these objects will exist in the database.