Decision Modeling with DMN

Decision models based on the industry standard Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard deliver a powerful ROI by improving processes, effectively managing business rules projects, framing predictive analytics efforts, and ensuring decision support systems and dashboards are action-oriented.

Most business requirements focus on business objectives, process and data. This often leads to solutions that quickly become complex and hard to change. The missing step in business requirements is decision modeling.

Decisions align processes and data in the most optimal way possible. As decisions are discovered and described, your goals, processes and data come together and there is now a place to attach knowledge and expertise through business rules and analytic insights.

With decision modeling:

  • Business processes are less complex improving flexibility and agility.
  • Business rules management has structure, easing implementation.
  • Predictive analytics projects have a framework linked to results.
  • Dashboards have a logical structure for going beyond information presentation to actions and recommendations.

To learn more, download our white paper, Decision Modeling with DMN