Using Word

All the information you enter into DecisionsFirst Modeler can be generated out into a word document so that you can publish and share it with others. Every object in DecisionsFirst Modeler, as well as the decision diagrams, has a pair of buttons to generate word documents – Print and PrintAll.

To get the information for the current object into word, use the Print button. This will generate an XML-based word file containing the information for the object and open a dialog so you can save it. Mac users, be sure to rename the saved file to a .xml file.

This file can be opened with Word and will display as a well structured document using headings and tables as necessary.
Sometimes it is helpful to be able to generate complete information for a set of related objects. For instance, all the decisions, input data and knowledge sources on a diagram or a decision and everything related to it. For this you can use the Print All button.

This will generate the standard information for the thing you are printing and then do the same for all related objects – everything on the diagram, for instance, or all the processes, systems, events, objectives and organizations linked to a decision.

Everything else is the same – same content, format and structure.
Once you have these word files you can paste the content into other documents, apply your own formatting and integrate with other content as necessary.

If you are the main user on the account, you will need to generate an API key to activate import and export functions like Print, Word and Bulk Create. Go to the Admin page and select "API Key" on the left side menu. This will take you to the API Key section of the Admin page. 
If you do not have the Admin panel, then you are not the main user and the key has been generated for you and you can use the Print, Word and Bulk Create functions directly.