An event is a business event, something that happens that is of significance to the business. This should not generally be used to model low-level, high volume technical events. Business events cause the organization to respond in some way and it must often decide how to respond making this relevant to a decisions-first approach.

When an event is created or edited, the basic details of an event are displayed at the top of the edit column

  • A unique name for the event
  • A rich text Description of the event, including information such as its information payload and purpose.

If the event triggers one or more decisions then the decisions Involved in this triggering should be listed. Decisions can be added to this list by dragging them from the search results and deleted using the x.

Some events may be documented in an External system and this Information can be captured as

  • A View URL that will give read-only access to additional information about the event – the view button will open the URL in the browser.
  • An Edit URL that will allow a user with suitable permissions to edit the external definition of the event. The edit button will open the URL.

All objects can have Comments.