Input Data

An Input Data is a collection of information items, fields, that are available to the decision-making being modeled. Not databases but logical collections, Input Data are used to identify the data and information required to make a decision. The basic details of an Input Data are displayed at the top of the edit column

  • A unique Name for the Input Data
  • A rich text description of the Input Data
  • The source of this data – is it internal data, external data or pooled data collected from multiple companies or organizations?
  • Input Data generally contain a specific Type of data – structured, unstructured or semi-structured data.
  • If it is helpful to identify someone who has expertise in the Input Data you can specify an Owner
  • Finally the complexity of the Input Data, how hard it will be to use in decisions, can be described.

The dependencies of the Input Data are shown next

  • This consists of the Dependency Network of the Input Data, those Knowledge Sources or Decisions that depend on it. These dependencies are created through Decision Diagrams.
  • A list of all the Decision Diagrams on which the Input Data appears is also available. This is read only in this context.

Some additional detail on the datasets defined with the Input Data follows.

All objects allow Comments.