An organization is a company, division or department of interest to the modeler. One of more hierarchical structures can be developed and organizations can be used to represent roles at the lowest level of such a hierarchy.

The basic details of an organization are displayed at the top of the edit column

  • A unique Name
  • A rich text Description

The organization structure is shown with both parent and children displayed

  • Parent can be specified using the drop down list. Picking an organization from the list identifies it as this organization’s immediate parent.
  • A read only list of Children is displayed. These are all organizations that specified the current organization as their parent.

Organizations play a variety of roles in Decisions. In this section you can specify that

  • This organization Owns Decisions, that is it defines how those decisions should be made.
  • This organization Makes Decisions, that is it is responsible either for making a decision or for passing on an automated decision
  • This organization neither owns nor makes the decision but is Impacted by it
  • In each case decisions can be added to the list by searching, dragging and dropping. Decisions can be removed using the xs.

Organizations care about a set of Objectives. Those Objectives that this organization cares about – they are set as the organization’s objectives for the current period or are metrics that the organization tracks for its own performance management- should be added to this list by searching for them and dragging and dropping them. Objectives can be removed by clicking on the x.

Some Organizations may be documented in an external system such as an HR system and this Information can be captured as

  • A View URL that will give read-only access to additional information about the organization – the view button will open the URL in the browser.
  • An Edit URL that will allow a user with suitable permissions to edit the external definition of the organization. The edit button will open the URL.

All objects can have Comments.