Systems are used to document existing information systems in use by the organization.

When a system is created or updated, the basic details of a system are displayed at the top of the edit column

  • A unique Name for the system, generally the one it is best known by
  • A rich text Description of the system, its age , users, purpose etc.

When decisions must be made by users of a system in the context of that system or when a system must make an automated decision, the Decisions Involved in the system should be documented. Decisions can be associated with a system by searching for them and dragging them into the list. Decisions can be removed using the x.

Some Systems may be documented in an external system such as an application portfolio management system and this Information can be captured as

  • A View URL that will give read-only access to additional information about the system – the view button will open the URL in the browser.
  • An Edit URL that will allow a user with suitable permissions to edit the external definition of the System. The edit button will open the URL.

All objects can have Comments.