Knowledge Sources

The basic details of a knowledge source are displayed at the top of the edit column

  • Name is a unique name for the knowledge source
  • Description is a rich text description of the knowledge source
  • Type of Know-how identifies the kind of knowledge involved, one of Regulation, Policy, Expertise, Best Practice or Analytic Insight.
  • You can provide a URL to the source of the knowledge if one is available, for a policy manual for instance
  • If it is helpful to identify a person as a reference for the knowledge, specify an Owner
  • Sometimes it can be helpful to document the complexity of a knowledge source so you can tell how hard it might be to automate or manage decisions that rely on it.

The dependencies of the Knowledge Source are shown next

  • This consists of the Dependency Network of the Knowledge Source, those Input Data or Decisions on which it is dependent and those Decisions that depend on it. These dependencies are created through Decision Diagrams.
  • A list of all the Decision Diagrams on which the Knowledge Source appears is also available. This is read only in this context.

Knowledge Sources may have additional associations to Analytic Efforts

All objects allow Comments.